Disk Pool Manager (DPM)

LCG Disk Pool Manager (DPM) has been developped as part of the LCG project to provide a light-weight implementation of an SRM compliant Storage Element (SE). Since gLite 3.0, it is a standard gLite component, distributed and maintained as part of gLite releases.

DPM is a disk only SE, instead of a disk + MSS implemnentation like dCache or Castor. It may act as a replacement for deprecated classical SE with the following advantages :

- SRM interface (both v1.1 and v2.2)
- Better scalability : DPM is allow to manage 100+ TB distributing the load over several servers
- High performances
- Light-weight management

At GRIF, several DPM SEs are currently (beginning of 2008) configured with 5 or more disk servers with a total capacity of 100+ TB. During CCRC08 LCG exercise, we demonstrated ability to receive 100 MB/s concurrently on 2 SEs, each one having a 1 Gb/s external link to RENATER (data was sent from CCIN2P3 T1 in Lyon).

We plan to demonstrate much higher throughput in the near future, as soon as GRIFOPN 10 Gb/s private network is ready.

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